Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fast Friends

I have loved photographing every baby that has come through my home. But there is something special about it being a family you already know and love. Watching these beautiful girls swoon over their new baby brother made my heart happy.
This wonderful family came into our lives last spring as our oldest prepared for preschool. I met the mother at an ice cream social and knew we needed to be friends, then my little guy met their oldest daughter on the playground during a summer "meet and greet" playdate and they have been running around together ever since. He proudly proclaims her to be his best friend at school and their love shows whenever we are all together. I look forward to watching their newest addition grow and embrace the love these sweet little girls have to offer him.

Golden Baby

Our session with sweet baby Xavier was amazing. It took a bit, but once we got him settled and comfy, he was golden. He just kept letting me change the blankets and backdrops and slept through the whole thing. I have put a lot of work into my craft in the last year - both the art and the technical, the photography and the business side. I am seeing the results in my sessions now - when I relax and allow myself to be confident - the babies relax with me and we are able to make great art together. Thank you to Xavi's family and to all of you who have been so supportive during this portfolio building time. I don't treat your trust lightly.
But enough from me, here is what you really came over to the blog adorable squishy eleven day old baby boy....

Growing, Growing, Growing...

I love my "Baby Plan" babies - photographing a baby from newborn through his or her first year is absolutely one of the most rewarding experiences ever! I just love it. This little princess lives down the street from me and she has totally captured my heart :) I love that I have already photographed her three times in her short little six months! And every time, what do I gush about, her EYES! They are just so amazing. Thanks for trusting me with Sweet Baby's E's first year of photographs - and so happy we are neighbors!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sweet Bride

Just three short weeks ago, my dear friend Stephanie married her best friend. What a priveledge it was to be a part of their wedding. They are so young, and so happy, and so in love (and don't forget SO beautiful!)
Their sister in law is an amazing wedding photographer out of New Jersey - and she gifted them with their wedding photography. Sweet Stephanie did not want her new sister to be left out of the family photos, so she asked me to come along and assist. How fun it was to be a part of the action. For those of you who don't know, I don't photograph weddings, little ones are my strong suite. But it sure was fun to photograph some of the details, to follow the wedding photographer around, and to capture a few sweet moments.
Thank you dear friends, for including me in your day. Love you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skills. No, maybe not Mad Skills, but skills just the same!

Wow! I have been having so much fun lately behind the camera!! I am way too far behind on this blog to actually catch up (and do every session the justice it deserves) so I am going to do what I don't like - A Catch Up Post. But, the good news about doing a Catch Up Post, is then you are caught up! And can move forward (instead of getting further behind!)

I can't believe we are almost to May, my oldest is almost 4 years old and my baby is closer to Two than to One now! I also can't believe how blessed I have been to photograph such fun and beautiful little models - and to be growing so much in my photography and editing skills. I took some time in January and February and didn't do any sessions (other than my own sweet baby boy!) and used that time to focus on my editing skills. I have long felt that my lack of ability in Photoshop has held the overall quality of my work back a little. Well, I won't say I have mastered it by any means (I mean, people base entire professions around that software!), but I finally feel that I know how to use it and feel comfortable doing so. So much more to learn, of course, but wow does it feel good to know that I can go in there and get some good work done! I feel so blessed to see that hard work paying off.

But enough from me, if you are here it is probably to see pictures (not read my ramblings :) Enjoy a little peek at what I have been working on for the past few months....

Say Cheese!

My little guy is growing so fast, and it is already time to do his 18 month 'session', but had to share one of my all time favorite photos of him. He was almost 16 months old and just loved playing with my old timey camera. How fun it is for me to see either of my boys with a camera in their hands ;)
And those cheeks, yum!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How time flies....

My "baby" is now over 15 months old, walking, climbing, learning to share with his big brother, and learning how to get exactly what he wants by pointing, grunting, and, when those fail, screaming. He is so precious and I am so happy that I have been able to photograph his first year. While I take snapshots weekly (if not daily!) and wouldn't trade those captured life moments for anything, I do love having these portraits of him as a newborn and at 3, 6, 10 and 12 months (and looking forward to doing his 15 month when grandma comes into town - he is too busy to do it without an assistant!). Just wanted to share a peek at my little guys first year with you....

13 Days

3 Months

6 Months

10 Months

Happy 1st Birthday

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That time of year again...

Time for finishing old projects, throwing away, starting fresh and learning something new! I have found the online forums to be a huge help to this mama/photographer. There are so many amazing photographers out there who are excited to share what they have learned. I am in awe that so many women take the time to help the rest of learn - but of course, the circle continues, they have inspired me to want to help others also!
One place I have found a lot of help and inspiration is the clickin moms forum. Right now they are offering a 20% discount to new members. Just click on the clickin moms button here on my blog and use the code FRIEND when you sign up.
As a bonus, anyone who signs up through my blog button puts me in the running for some great prizes through the affiliates program. So...If 10 or more people sign up via my blog by January 31, 2011 I will give a fun prize to one of the lucky ladies who signed up! How fun, prizes for me and prizes for you, AND a fantastic community of women to help you on your road to being a better photographer. Good luck with the journey!