Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sweet Bride

Just three short weeks ago, my dear friend Stephanie married her best friend. What a priveledge it was to be a part of their wedding. They are so young, and so happy, and so in love (and don't forget SO beautiful!)
Their sister in law is an amazing wedding photographer out of New Jersey - and she gifted them with their wedding photography. Sweet Stephanie did not want her new sister to be left out of the family photos, so she asked me to come along and assist. How fun it was to be a part of the action. For those of you who don't know, I don't photograph weddings, little ones are my strong suite. But it sure was fun to photograph some of the details, to follow the wedding photographer around, and to capture a few sweet moments.
Thank you dear friends, for including me in your day. Love you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skills. No, maybe not Mad Skills, but skills just the same!

Wow! I have been having so much fun lately behind the camera!! I am way too far behind on this blog to actually catch up (and do every session the justice it deserves) so I am going to do what I don't like - A Catch Up Post. But, the good news about doing a Catch Up Post, is then you are caught up! And can move forward (instead of getting further behind!)

I can't believe we are almost to May, my oldest is almost 4 years old and my baby is closer to Two than to One now! I also can't believe how blessed I have been to photograph such fun and beautiful little models - and to be growing so much in my photography and editing skills. I took some time in January and February and didn't do any sessions (other than my own sweet baby boy!) and used that time to focus on my editing skills. I have long felt that my lack of ability in Photoshop has held the overall quality of my work back a little. Well, I won't say I have mastered it by any means (I mean, people base entire professions around that software!), but I finally feel that I know how to use it and feel comfortable doing so. So much more to learn, of course, but wow does it feel good to know that I can go in there and get some good work done! I feel so blessed to see that hard work paying off.

But enough from me, if you are here it is probably to see pictures (not read my ramblings :) Enjoy a little peek at what I have been working on for the past few months....

Say Cheese!

My little guy is growing so fast, and it is already time to do his 18 month 'session', but had to share one of my all time favorite photos of him. He was almost 16 months old and just loved playing with my old timey camera. How fun it is for me to see either of my boys with a camera in their hands ;)
And those cheeks, yum!