Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skills. No, maybe not Mad Skills, but skills just the same!

Wow! I have been having so much fun lately behind the camera!! I am way too far behind on this blog to actually catch up (and do every session the justice it deserves) so I am going to do what I don't like - A Catch Up Post. But, the good news about doing a Catch Up Post, is then you are caught up! And can move forward (instead of getting further behind!)

I can't believe we are almost to May, my oldest is almost 4 years old and my baby is closer to Two than to One now! I also can't believe how blessed I have been to photograph such fun and beautiful little models - and to be growing so much in my photography and editing skills. I took some time in January and February and didn't do any sessions (other than my own sweet baby boy!) and used that time to focus on my editing skills. I have long felt that my lack of ability in Photoshop has held the overall quality of my work back a little. Well, I won't say I have mastered it by any means (I mean, people base entire professions around that software!), but I finally feel that I know how to use it and feel comfortable doing so. So much more to learn, of course, but wow does it feel good to know that I can go in there and get some good work done! I feel so blessed to see that hard work paying off.

But enough from me, if you are here it is probably to see pictures (not read my ramblings :) Enjoy a little peek at what I have been working on for the past few months....

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