Friday, December 31, 2010

We all say it, every time, but truly it is one of the best parts of the job...watching babies grow and getting to capture it all along the way. Baby E lives just down the street from me and I was so happy to take her itty bitty newborn photographs. So when her Mama emailed a couple weeks ago to ask if I would take do sessions for her throughout Baby E's first year I was delighted! And oh what a year it is going to be. Just look at those eyes (can you say heartbreaker already!?!). What a joy she is to photograph, can't wait to do it again in three more months!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Blessings

On this Christmas Day I am overflowing with love, joy, and thankfulness. God has certainly blessed me with these two amazing boys. Someone asked me a couple weeks ago if 10 years ago I pictured my life today to look anything like it does. The answer is absolutely not. I was single, and happy to stay that way, no idea if I would ever have children, and told everyone who asked that I would NEVER be a stay at home mom. Today, I have been married to an amazing man for six years, am blessed to stay at home with my two beautiful boys, and would do any and everything in my power to keep it that way if pushed for some reason to take an office job. I love the life I have been blessed with, but no, it is not anything like I planned, thankfully.
I pray that on this Christmas Day, among the Santa hats, gifts, chocolate and cookies, you are able to take a few minutes to reflect on the blessings in your own life.
And since I don't seem capable of posting here without a photo (or a few ;) Here are a few of my own Santa Boys....
Merry Christmas!