Monday, November 15, 2010

Merry Christmas, in November

OK, I admit it, I LOVE Christmas. And, in particular, Santa suits, on babies. I know I know, as photographers we should work on timeless pieces of art to grace the walls of our clients homes...and I work hard on that too. But those Santa hats, they are just so darn cute! So I own Santa suits in every size from 3 month to 3 year and enough adult size santa hats that everyone gets to wear one on Christmas eve. And then I stick them on anyone who will come over and get in front of my camera!
Well today we had a double treat (or double trouble?!?). What a fun very first twin session for me! Mom is an inspiration - she juggles these two little 8.5 month olds like a pro! And the eyes in this family - holy cow! The blue you see is true - no photoshop needed to make these eyes pop!
And, I promise we got some great photos of each of them (sans Santa gear), but I had to share the fun in red :)
And ps, Merry Christmas (in November).


  1. Nice work Renee! I love photography too. I just got myself a tripod and a remote shutter release to take macro shots in low light. I am thinking though that I might need a better lens. I have always used a pentax SLR but it might be time to graduate. I'd appreciate your comments on my photography at my two blogs. Thanks.